Blaze (Drake and Josh)

Blaze is a criminal in the Nickelodeon TV series Drake and Josh

When Drake and Josh got arrested for using fake IDs to see their favorite band, their parents sent them to the Steering Straight thinking that it would teach them responsibility. The police officer who was taking them to the police station had his car hijacked by a criminal named Blaze, shortly after the latter robs a convenient store.

Under their false aliases, Drake and Josh pretend to befriend Blaze and convince him to driving them back to their house by lying that they would pull of heist. When the two stepbrothers tried to contact the police, Blaze enters the room and they lied to him about planning to kidnap the governor. Not knowing the plot, Blaze calls his gang of criminals to help kidnap the governor and ransom him. Panicking, Drake and Josh manage to drive him and the others out of their house by pretending to have a serious fight over who got to grab the governer, and using Josh's magic kit to make it look like there seriously hurting each other, to the point where it appeared that Drake ripped off Josh's hand and chew of his fingers. Terrified at working with two people who were that violent, Blaze and the others ran out of the house.