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Blau was a minor villain in the movie Sheena. He was played by Paul Gee.


Blau was a member of the Black Berets. Like his fellow soldier Anders, he never spoke. When Vic Casey promised Prince Otwani he would turn over the incriminating film of King Jabalani's assassination, Colonel Jorgensen instructed Blau and another soldier to drive Vic to Azan to get the footage. Blau sat in the back of the Land Rover to guard Vic. During the drive, Vic annoyed Blau by turning up the rock and roll music on his portable radio. When Blau angrily moved to switch it off, Vic surprised him and kicked him out of the moving vehicle. He then took Blau's gun and forced the driver to get out, stealing the Land Rover. The fate of Blau and his companion after this isn't known.

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