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Blanche is an International Anti-Magic Political Organization that calls to dismantle the current governing system that treats magicians as the superior people, and eliminating discrimination against those without magical abilities. The are the source of conflict in the series' Enrollment Arc.

The Organization

Blanche initially began as a citizen's movement, however the organization can be easily linked to thousands of incidents of criminal activity around the world. Criticisms of the group are often focused on its lack of benefits to its members and links to various other anarchist groups, Blanche being the most active. Despite being told that magicians are not being treated as high-class citizens, and rather are used as tools by the government who pays them extra for willingly giving up their life force, Blanche remains active in several parts of the world.

It is implied that Blanche owns the world's second largest amount of Antinite rings which are notable for their ability to stop spells from being cast in their present. They are second to only the military, despite several attempts to study other methods of breaking casts altogether.


Egalite is a sub-group of Blanche that focuses on the indoctrination of children and teenagers, especially targeting course 2 students at various


magic institutions.They are identified by their tri-color (red, white, and green) wristbands. 

The group was initially an independent organization by and for the students, however they found that tacking on the Blanche name to their cause got them more recognition and therefore more members for both organizations. As a result, most of the members of the Egalite are unaware of Blanche's terrorist agenda and are more concerned about the treatment and discrimination of their fellow course 2 students.

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