You haven't told us anything
~ Blake Lewinsky
Then why don't you go and fuck yourself!?!
~ Alex Rider to Blake Lewinsky

Blake Lewinsky is a minor antagonist in the Alex Rider book Scorpia Rising. He isn't with SCORPIA or any other villains, he is with the CIA but he is evil in the sense that he is willing to waterboard a fourteen year old child just to save his secretary of state.

When Alex returns from finding the Engineer dead, the CIA are adamant that Alex murdered him, when it was really Erik Gunter, and Blake Lewinsky kidnaps Alex and takes him to the CIA Cairo office, and down to a hostile place called "the Bell Room." This is a dungeon with a waterboarding table. Blake gives Alex a very protracted interrogation about him and the Engineer, and doesn't believe a word he says. Because of his secretary's anti-British comments, Blake has been trained to also be anti-British. He thinks all British people would be MI6 agents and he says he will drown Alex under waterboarding when Alex gets angry at him.

Alex tells him what's the point of torturing him if Blake doesn't believe him and Blake blindfolds Alex and is about to waterboard him when his boss Byrne comes in and shouts at Blake and his men and says the CIA is in Alex's debt and they shouldn't be torturing him or any child. Byrne apologizes and says new CIA agents are like dictators. Blake later apologizes to Alex but he still doesn't let his violence down. He tortures the pilot to get to Abdul al-Aziz Razim's headquarters. Then Blake is killed in the break in.