Blaire Bennett 3
Blaire Bennett is the main villainess from the film, Patient Killer.

She was played by Barbie Castro.

Blaire Bennett is the sister of Dylan McNalt, a former patient of therapist Victoria Wrightmar. Dylan developed an obsession with Victoria, and after she put a stop to their sessions, he committed suicide. A vengeful Blaire sought out Victoria and posed as a patient in a plan to destroy her life and (possibly) drive her to madness, even going as far as nearly killing Victoria's boyfriend, Jason. Blaire ties herself up in the film's climax and goes into one of her false manic episodes, but after Victoria learns the truth, Blaire frees herself and grabs a gun with intent on killing Victoria. She later went on a rant blaming Victoria for her brother's death and even went as far as to say that destroying Victoria's life is all the therapy she needs. Victoria later tells Blaire that even after all of this, the pain will remain, and that they reached this point because both of them cared for Dylan and wished they could have done more for him, leading to the two hugging. Blaire was later arrested, though it's unknown if she ended up in jail or under psychiatric care.