Blados is one of the main antagonists in the video game Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, along with his partner, Chalis. They are agents of the military country Tuaparang, aiming to activate the Grave Eclipse. He is later revealed to be a member of the secretive Umbra Clan, and as such a Dark Psynergy adept, although to preserve the clan's secrets none of his psynergy abilities are known.


Blados is first seen kidnapping a child and isolating him from his master, while Chalis manipulates the king of Kaocho to further their own ends. After they both manage to activate the Grave Eclipse, the whole continent is flooded in darkness. Blados and Chalis eventually betray Alex at the Apollo Lens and take control of its power. They are later forcibly merged with Volechek, turning him into the Chaos Chimera, which reverts back to normal after being defeated.


Unlike Chalis, who is more authoritative, levelheaded, and ambitious, Blados does everything for the sake of fun. A highly skilled swordsman, Blados is mostly seen doing all the dirty work, while Chalis handles the rest. However, because of his lack of intellect, when compared to Chalis, is also something of a weakness, since Blados is too blind to notice that Chalis intends to betray him too all along.

Combat Abilities

In combat, Blados uses items such as dynamite, spark shurikens, and psy grenades, in addition to his dark abilities and sword expertise.