Blade and Christo are the co-managers of Taj Mahome Video, and formerly worked at Things That Beep. They are former co-workers of Jonesy, who they fired from Things That Beep for stealing a plastic pen. Known for their black t-shirts and shades, they resemble Elwood and Jake Blues from the 1980's film Blues Brothers. Blade is the thin one and Christo the big, muscular one. They especially do not like Jonesy.


  • They both have very cocky personalities, indicated by each always having one eyebrow raised.
  • They were minor villains, behind Tricia Holmes and Escalator Girls.
  • It is never explained why they left their jobs at Things That Beep and started working at Taj Mahome Video.
  • The two have been shown as bullies, as in "Breaking Up with the Boss' Son", they pick on Darth for no reason other than that they are bigger than he is.