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Blade is a large, dark, sleek, lean female dog with pricked ears, a pointed nose, sinewy muscles, an elegant head, with a patch of white fur on one side of her neck in the shape of a fang below her ear, dark eyes, a glossy face, a taut, muscular body, white fangs, massive jaws, strong forepaws, triangular ears, white, deadly teeth, and a soft underbelly. She is the main antagonist in the book series Survivors by erin hunter. Blade is persumed to be a Doberman Pinscher. She is the leader of a pack of other dogs who live in an abandoned garden area. Blade's pack consist mainly of persumed Dobermans and maybe Rottwielers


Blade is vicious and deadly. She will not take no for an answer, and has a passion for fighting. She will kill any dogs that cause her trouble. Despite her ferocious nature, she is not very smart. She only cares about herself and the members of her pack, who are just as cruel as she is.


Survivors Series

The Empty City

Blade, Mace and Dagger find Bella, Alfie, and Daisy stealing their food, while Lucky is hidden, watching in secret. Alfie and Daisy do the best thing, going into a submissive posture, but Bella is stubborn, and will not back down. When Bella finally backs down, they take the three dogs prisoner. Lucky tries to figure out how to help his friends, and over hears Blade talking with Mace and Dagger about killing them. In an almost suicidal attempt, he insults Blade and her gang, calling them 'stupid' and spoiled. When he insults their bloodlines, they chase him. Lucky is cornered, but another dog of Blade's gang suddenly says that the prisoners were gone. Lucky attacks Blade, and escapes. Blade and her gang are frustrated, and too furious to notice where Lucky ran off to.

Darkness Falls

Blade comes into the Wild Pack's territory, accusing them on how they stole her pups. She orders her pack to attack, and demands Alpha for her pups. She attacks Daisy, nearly killing her, but Alpha stops her and returns her pups: Grunt, Lick, and Wiggle back to her.
Lick later returns to the Wild Pack, informing them on how Blade kept repeating how they weren't her pups. She had killed Wiggle, and was about to kill Grunt, but he kept telling her how he was loyal. Blade had went to kill Lick next, but fog had come, allowing Lick to escape.

The Broken Path

During a conversation with Lick, Luck, and Fang, Blade emerges from the shadows, demanding to Fang for what he was doing. Fang tries to explian and talk his way out of it, but Blade doesn't listen. In punishment for him not defending the boundaries, she slices his side. This causes a yelp of agony to come from Fang, and Lucky is shocked on this cruel punishment. Afterward, Blade demands that Fang goes back to the garden and that Lucky gives Lick over to her, but Lucky refuses saying that a puppy is not something to claim and that she choose to leave Blade's pack. Blade tells Lucky that she is more than just Lick's mother, she is also her true Alpha. Before Lucky can react, Blade attacks him, but not before Lick ramps into her; taking Blade off guard. This allows Lucky and Lick to make a run for it back to the camp.

Pack Members

Blade's pack of Fierce Dogs consist of:

  • Mace
  • Dagger
  • Pistol
  • Bullet
  • Revolver
  • Axe
  • Ripper
  • Arrow
  • Scythe
  • Brute
  • Musket
  • Bludgeon
  • Cannon
  • Lance
  • Fang (or Grunt)

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