Blacky is a ghost of a thief that got cursed by an Egyptian artifact, the Treasure of King Tod. The Detective Phillip Spade even as a ghost is still trying to solve the case. The Ghostbusters end up working with Spade to get Blacky.


40 years ago, in about the mid-1940s, Blackie was regarded as the best thief by Spade. Blackie was unafraid of the alleged curse attributed to King Todd's treasure and stole it from a city museum one night. After concealing it underground in the sewers in lower Manhattan, Blackie was killed and transmogrified by the curse into a giant monster in the motif of ancient Egypt. He was now anchored to the treasure for eternity as its guardian.

In the mid-1980s, on a Saturday, Blackie appeared again due to what he perceived as a terrestrial invasion by construction workers up above. The Ghostbusters were unable to capture Blackie and were separated by animated construction vehicles. Despite several clues left by an invisible Spade, the Ghostbusters decided to go underground without confirmation of the entity's identity. Spade followed them and saved their lives. In a second venture, while he distracted Blackie, the Ghostbusters drove the cursed treasure back to the museum. They discovered Todd's exhibit archived down in the basement. Without warning, Peter Venkman lifted the treasure himself and returned it to Todd's sarcophagus. Blackie was reverted to his normal form, now a ghost. He thanked Spade for saving him. Together, they peacefully dispersed.


In his Transmogrified form, Blackie is violent and angry due to his role as Guardian of King Todd's Treasure.


In his Transmogrified form, Blackie has shown the power to animate two vehicles by shooting beams from his fingertips. As soon as he leaves the immediate vicinity, the possession expires. The beams can also be destructive in direct combat. He also displayed the power of telekinesis by levitating and hurling rocks at the construction site near the Ghostbusters' Firehouse and super strength.


While no classification was found, Egon Spengler regarded the transmogrified Blackie as a new and unique spirit entity as well as an unknown spiritual manifestation.


  • On page three of Ghostbusters Issue #6, the Blackie makes a non-canon cameo at Fantastic Land as a fountain.


The Real Ghostbusters

  • "The Long, Long, Long, etc. Goodbye"


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