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The Blacksmith standing beside Buzz Lightyear

The Blacksmith is a boss in the 1999 video game Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue, as well as one of the final bosses of the game.


The Blacksmith is the boss of the game's fourteenth level, Tarmac Trouble. He is a broad framed blacksmith model who carries a hammer as a weapon, with which he can create powerful shockwaves that home in on Buzz a certain distance and damage him on contact. Buzz can find this boss on a high platform in one of the four corners of the runway, and like the Prospector, the Blacksmith is only vulnerable to Buzz’s spin attack. Once Buzz has beaten the Blacksmith, he can take another Pizza Planet Token as a reward for his efforts.

It is later revealed that the Blacksmith survived his conflict with Buzz, as he appears in the final level, Final Showdown (also called Prospector Showdown), along with the Prospector and the Gunslinger. His attacks, however, remain the same.

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