The banner of the Blackrock Clan.

Blackrock Orcs (referred to as the Blackrock Clan in lore) is a hostile faction of orc from the World of Warcraft universe, who abandoned Thrall's new vision of a more civilized Horde in favor of demon-worship and guerilla warfare against the Alliance. The Blackrock Clan is one of the oldest and most prominent orc clans ever.


Blackrock Orcs are also at war with the Dark Iron Dwarves over territory and are piratical raiders that attack any unwary travelers that stumble into their dominion.

Many of the Blackrock elite reside in Blackrock Spire as part of the Dark Horde under the command of Warchief Rend Blackhand but they also have pockets of influence in the Burning Steppes and Redridge Mountains, they especially enjoy terrorizing the human settlement of Lakeshire.

The Blackrock Orcs are also one of the many pawns being utilized by the black dragon Nefarian to undermine the human capital of Stormwind. Notable members of the Blackrock clan include Orgrim Doomhammer, Blackhand the Destroyer, Rend Blackhand, and Maim Blackhand, among others.