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The Leader

The Blackhoof Boar Clan (also known as the Boar Gang) is a gang of thieves seen in Kung Fu Panda: The Game. They were one of the bandit groups that joined Tai Lung when he escaped from Chorh-Gom Prison, hired as minions to stop the main player (Po in the game universe) in his travels and objectives.

Types of members

The Leader

The leader is more than twice the size of the secondary boars, and is distinguishable by his purple and gray fur and scars along his back. He fights with a metal sword collected from the palace, but in Po's dream, the leader fought with the Sword of Heroes. He appears in two in-game levels: "Po's Dream" (in which he makes his first appearance), and in "Protect the Palace"; he additionally appears in the survival mini-game "Tea House Brawl".

Primary Fighting Boars

These boars are the same size and color as thieving boars, but do not wear a white shirt. They use two axes when fighting. They are easy to fight in small numbers, but can be devastating opponents in large numbers.

Secondary Fighting Boars

Secondary fighting boars are twice the size of primary fighters and are recognizable by their gray fur and balding backs. They use a single mace in combat.

Thieving Boars

Thieving boars are brown-colored and are distinguishable by their white shirts. They do not fight, but instead try to steal items and sneak past Po. These boars only appear in the level "Protect the Palace".

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