That's right. Bow down before your Grand Ruler!
~ Blackfire

Blackfire (real name: Komand'r) is a supervillainess from Teen Titans. She is Starfire's older sister, as well as her archenemy, and the former Grand Ruler of Tamaran.


In the Comics

In the comics, Blackfire is far, far worse than in the series; the eldest of the three royal children, Komand'r was denied the throne because of an inability to fly (an important factor in a Tamaranians), and envied her sister for inheriting it. Turning against her own people, Blackfire sold her own sister into slavery, and forced her to be one of her goon's concubines. Both sisters were later captured by the Psions, and were pumped full of solar energy, giving them their abillity to shoot starbolts. Koriand'r escaped to Earth and joined the Teen Titans, while her sister hunted her down. Since her defeat, Blackfire has been one of the Teen Titans's greatest and bitterest foes. She was recently stripped of her starbolts in a battle with Hawkman.

In the Show

100px-Blackfire tv
Though she is Starfire's older sister, the two are polar opposites. Blackfire loves thrills and causing trouble and does not seem to be remorseful about anything she's ever done. The two do not exactly get along well, as Blackfire is constantly trying to, in some way, do away with Starfire, first with getting her arrested and then trying to marry her off to an ooze monster. Blackfire loves fighting her sister, and not just fighting her, but rubbing in the fact that she is older and stronger in her little sister's face.

The two of them are poster children for sibling rivalry. Blackfire first appeared when she arrived on Earth in the episode Sisters. She gave Starfire a jewel and pretended to enjoy being reunited with her. Blackfire won the Teen Titans' support by having fun with them and telling them stories of adventures she had throughout her travels in the galaxy. The Titans seemed to like her so much, Starfire was beginning to think they wouldn't need her around anymore. She was especially unhappy with her sister's attempts at flirting with Robin. When Starfire thought of leaving Earth, the Centauri Police showed up and captured her. The Titans rescued her and explained to the Centaurians that they have captured the wrong Tamaranean. The Titans then discovered that Blackfire had framed Starfire for crimes by giving her a stolen jewel from the Centauri System. Blackfire, who was leaving Earth at that exact moment, was defeated by Starfire and taken to prison, swearing revenge on her sister.

Blackfire later broke out from prison and wrested control of Tamaran as its new Grand Ruler. Blackfire attempted to get revenge on Starfire by forcing her to marry Glgrdsklechhh. This was actually part of an elaborate plot between Blackfire and Glgrdsklechhh; by marrying Starfire to Glgrdsklechhh, he would reward Blackfire with a very powerful jewel. When her ruse was uncovered, Blackfire was once again defeated by Starfire and banished from Tamaran. Blackfire was one of the only villains missing from the lineup of the Brotherhood of Evil, suggesting that she was not out to get all the superheroes, or even the Titans, but simply to just take out Starfire. It is also possible she still sits in jail, this time in a prison that can hold her.

Blackfire was intended to return to the show and serve as the main antagonist of what would have been the sixth season. However, the show was canceled by Cartoon Network before such a season could be produced.

Teen Titans Go!

She makes her debut in "Mr. Butt" where she escapes prison to visit Starfire at the Titans tower, and Starfire lets her into the tower, much to dismay and objection of other Teen Titans members.


Oh, that. Well, after you had me thrown in jail, I got bored. So I broke out and took over Tamaran for kicks.
~ Blackfire in the Teen Titans animated series
I always was the better fighter.
~ Blackfire


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