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Black Willy Wonka is a minor character in the Nostalgia Critic's review of The Lorax.

He was portrayed by Malcolm Ray.


The Lorax

Black Willy Wonka appeared towards the end of the Critic's review of The Lorax, and it was revealed that he was disguised as Analyst 2 the entire time. He then congratulates the Critic for standing up for Dr. Seuss, and stating that the viewers would always go back to read the original Seuss books even after seeing all of the horrendous Hollywood produced film adaptations of them. He then whisks the Critic away on his airship, and he congratulates the Critic by giving him a button which said "I'm a Smartie" on it. He then warned the Critic what happened to the other man who had everything he wanted. When the Critic asked about what happened to the man, Black Willy Wonka stated that he murdered the man and took all of his possessions. He then asks for the Critic to give him a hug, which he does, all though it's a rather awkward hug than a genuine one. And the episode then ends on that note.

Old vs. New Spider-Man

After the events of the Lorax, Black Willy Wonka brings Critic to his Workplace and they both talk about Hyper Fangirl and The Lorax Review.

Matrix Reloaded

It was revealed that Black Wonka was the one that created the Matrix Movies but he was nearly commissioned to make them by the real masterminds. He said that he did it in between making Twizzlers and caramelizing people who disagree with his views. He does agree with Critic's theory and told him that it was not what Matrix was leading up to. He then tells the critic that he should trust no one and warned him that everyone he knew had been taken over by people darker.

Nostalgia Critic Reviews his Old Home Movies (A.K.A Cup of Idiocy)

Nostalgia Critic Refused to review the videos that Mara Wilson tortured him with and Black Willy Wonka was not amused. Black Willy Wonka Breaks the forth wall and tells the viewer tht he is going to alter Critic's mind so that he doesn't know that he is reviewing his old home movies. After the review, Black Willy Wonka brought his memory back and The Critic tells a funny poem to make the viewers remember, but Black Wonka zapped him and said "I never really cared for rap lyrics."

Ghostbusters 2016

The Black Willy Wonka returns as the hidden main antagonist in the Ghostbusters review. The Nostalgia Critic points out that hating the new film in no way makes one a misogynist. However, every other critic accuses the Critic of being such. Every Ghostbusters fan in the world is tracking down the Critic, including the Church of the Latter Day Ghostbusters, which has actually derived a religion from the film, and also the Meninists, who have escaped military recruitment to rant about Ghostbusters. The Black Willy Wonka seems helpful at first as he is the only person the Critic can turn to when escaping from his enemies, but then he realizes that the movie wasn't good or bad, it was average. The Black Willy Wonka then reveals himself to be the mastermind making humanity squabble over a silly film when there's bigger threats such as terrorism which everyone ignores. Wonka reveals he wanted to enslave humankind by making them dumb and retarded. However, the Critic points out what's bad about the film and he says Wonka's plan will fail and calls in his backup - the Ghostbusters, Chicago Division. They eject ectoplasm onto the fans and proclaim "I ain't afraid of no ghost!", a line Dan Akroyd uttered in the film, which is the only defense against Wonka's evil. Wonka then screams in protest as the goo hits the fans but then they awake from their brief knockout, astonished they are not sticky. The Chicago Ghostbusters say it isn't even wet goo. After admitting they kind of suck, the Chicago Ghostbusters depart. However, they did defeat Wonka by releasing his nefarious hold over the world. The fans reconcile and celebrate the victory over the now powerless Wonka.

It is possible that he might return.


The Black Willy Wonka was downright annoying, because of his arrogance, smug personality, and overconfidence, which caused his downfall. He possessed supernatural powers such as mass brainwashing, shape shifting, mind control, and conjuring. He was also apparently a technopath, given his Wonkavator. Ultimately, he was a parody of Willy Wonka himself, from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory books. However, he was black, given the stereotype that fans assumed Wonka would always be white. Also, he was more sinister and cruel than the original Wonka - he was a killer, as he killed a successful man, and stole all his possessions and wealth. Nonetheless, he embraced the Critic before flying them off in his elevator. He could be very creepy as well.



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