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Black Waltz No. 1


Black Waltz No. 2


Black Waltz No. 3

Black Waltz are three powerful winged black mages that act as boss-battles in the video game Final Fantasy IX, creations of Zorn and Thorn these creatures are much more powerful than the regular black mages and seem to specialise in a particular element: though they can cast more than one kind of elemental attack (as well as summon monsters and other black magic).

None of the Black Waltz seem to have a name outside of a number which designates each one, labelled from Black Waltz No. 1 to Black Waltz No.2.

Black Waltz No 1

The first Black Waltz faced in the game, he was responsible for trying to put the heroes of the story to sleep with some sort of hypnotic spell but was discovered and summons the powerful Sealion to his side before engaging a lone Zidane (who had somehow managed to break free of the spell): he is defeated fairly easily but the Sealion must also be killed in order to end the fight - upon victory the hero is informed by Zorn and Thorn's disembodied voices that "you defeated No.2 and No.3 will reclaim the princess!". This sentence, of course, foreshadows the future encounters with the other two Black Waltz later in the game.

Black Waltz No 2

The second Black Waltz is more openly aggressive and powerful than the first, challenging the heroes directly rather than relying on trickery like the other - he continually demands that the heroes hand over the princess to him and even laughs at Steiner's attempt to compromise by stating he would return the princess to the castle instead: the Black Waltz then proceeds to fight the group of heroes.

However, due to the nature of his mission, Black Waltz will never target the princess (Dagger) during battle - instead focusing his arsenal of magic on the other heroes and when defeated Dagger begins to wonder if her mother was truly behind the Black Waltz that are pursuing her but Steiner is not convinced, unable to trust a "common thief" over the queen he had been sworn to serve.

Black Waltz No 3

See Black Waltz No 3

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