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The Black Train was a haunted train used to transport 100 demons from Hell to Red River Valley to kill Peter Venkman.


When news of the defeat The Rudely Mallard Gang was delivered to the Demon Collective, they were angered and declared 100 demons would be sent to the Red River Valley to dispatch Peter Venkman. An emissary was sent to the town announce the demons would arrive by a Black Train at midnight from Hell. Rachel Unglighter was adamant that returning to the present and defeating Koza'Rai would erase changes to the timeline. Peter, however, wanted to be sure. The duo faced off against the Black Train and its occupants. Severely outnumbered, Peter guessed to shoot at the Black Train, itself. Since it was haunted, the ectoplasmic disruption from the Proton Packs dispersed the train and demons.