Black Soldiers

The Black Army aka the Black Soldiers.

The Black Soldiers, also known as the Black Army, is a group of revolutionaries native to the magnificent planet known as the Fast World and they are led by the Black Queen during the 8th saga of the W.I.T.C.H comic book series.

Their sworn enemy is both Arkaam, the current and unjust White Queen, and her loyalists, the White Army.

Rebellion of the Black Soldiers

The Black Soldiers are a group of men and women who despise the despotic rule of the White Queen and started the rebellion with their leader, the masked rebel known as the Black Queen.

They are first seen spotting Shinobu and William of which they hunted. Later they are seen at war with the White Queen's army and with the Guardians who they thought were in league with Arkaam by mistake. When Cornelia destroyed the Black Queen's armor and have seen the fading-like state of their queen, they surrender.

After the fight between Arkaam and the W.I.T.C.H girls, they freed them together with their queen and liberated the Fast World.