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The Black Orcs are a fictional race, a sub-breed of Orc appearing in Warhammer Fantasy Battle & Warhammer Fantasy, created by Games workshop's .

Black Orcs are the biggest, meanest and strongest of the Orc and Goblin race. Black Orcs are willful, deliberate, and independent-minded, so they get their name from having darker skin than regular orcs; commonly black or very dark green. Being more intelligent and disciplined than normal Orcs, Black Orcs do not suffer from the races rule of animosity.

Created by Rick Priestly in 1987, Black Orcs first appeared in the third edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, and have been updated over several editions of Warhammer, by several different writers, with the current incarnation of Warhammer 8th Edition being written by Jeremy Vetock. Black Orcs have also been placed into the Warhammer Fantasy Role-play game currently produced by Fantasy Flight Games.