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Black Mom 2, also known as Black Mom #2, is an unnamed main protagonist villain in the popular YouTube video "black parents vs white

parents part 2" .

She is portrayed by Youtube user Jamila Bell.

This time the son is Darrell. She is even nastier than black mom #1. In this one she's loud and more violent, and not as patient as the first one. When she asks Darrell to get her remote (which is right next to her), she snatches it from the hand. When asked for the report card, she just whips him because his grades were a tad below an A. When she comes to check on him in bed, she just gives him a nasty, violent look. The biggest villainry of her's is when Darrell roles his eyes at her, making her want to throw him, literally murdering him. This mother is the worst of all 3.