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Black mini ika musume

Black Mini Ika Musume is the main antagonist (however, she isn't of a villainous status) of the first episode of the Shniryaku! Ika Musume Specials featured in the Blu-Ray DVD release. She tried to take over the Aizawa residence where the original Mini Ika Musume is staying. The Black Mini Ika Musume is more mischievous (and potentially more malevolent) than her good white counterpart. Soon after chasing her out of her bed, The Black Mini Ika Musume turns the entire house into a killing zone where she uses crayons, a rubber ball, an RC Hummer and weaponized rubber bands (to mini Ika Musume the high velocity and kinetic energy contained in the Rubber bands fired are potentially lethal). After a misfire of a rubber band, the recoil sends her flying out the window and potentially into oblivion when she notices a pack of three stray dogs waiting to make a meal out of her. Black Mini Ika Musume was saved by the white Mini Ika Musume and after the timely rescue Black Mini Ika Musume apologizes to the former. The two had a little snack on prawn crackers before Black Mini Ika Musume bids goodbye to her counterpart.

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