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Black Mask is the tertiary antagonist of the animated movie, Batman: Under the Hood. He's voiced by Wade Williams.


He is incredibly short-tempered and constantly takes his anger out on his henchman by punching them in the face even if they are not responsible for his burdens. His henchmen seem to be too scared by his wrath to make any attempt to avoid his physical abuse and prefer to take his blows. However, he does seem to have enough self-control not to inflict any physical damage onto his female accomplice, as he never hit her in the film although he does yell and curse at her.


He's furious when he learns about Red Hood hunting his men and stealing his territory. The Red Hood tries to assassinate him by sniper rifle but is stopped by Batman. Black Mask lost faith that Batman is capable of dealing with Red Hood, so he arranged to get the Joker out of Arkham Asylum. Consequently, Black Mask is kidnapped and left trapped in a truck with Li and the rest of his henchmen. Joker attempts to kill all of the mobsters at once by covering them in gasoline and setting them ablaze but they are ultimately rescued by Batman's timely intervention. In the epilogue, Black Mask is awaiting trial.

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