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Black Manta is a villain in the Young Justice episode Downtime.



With his henchmen, called Manta Stings, Black Manta infiltrates Atlantis. While Aquaman is hosting a dinner for Aqualad, who has returned from the surface, Black Manta brings his manta stings into position. Later, Aqualad swims with Tula. Meanwhile, the palace is bombed by Black Manta's forces. Surviving guards are attacked by Manta Stings. Aqualad joins the defenders, as do Tula, Garth and Aquaman's wife.

Eventually, Aqualad deduces that the explosions must be a distraction to free Starro who is held at the science centre. Indeed the Science Centre is the main goal of the attackers who free Starro. They chain the ice block Starro is trapped inside to one of their ships but before they can set off, Aqualad and Garth secretly take out two of Manta's men and take their place. Black Manta swiftly sees through their disguises and sets his men on the intruders. Durign the battle, some of his men continue their work. While Starro's ice block is lifted into the air, Aqualad shoots the cable, dropping the block to the ground once more. Furious, Black Manta screams that if he cannot have his prize, no one will. He then shoots a rocked at Starro, destroying him almost completely before escaping in his jet.

After his successful escape, Black Manta reports to The Light and reveals that he failed. The Light assures him that their plan will succeed nonetheless.


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