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Black Maiden is a young nude girl who is in some kind of black mech like thing with wings and a glass thing that protects her. In here, she pulls a Violence Jack and is reincarnated as Black Maiden somehow. In here, She has psychic force powers and is mainly standing around with Dolmeck and Peeping Spider most of the time. In episode 4, she fights Honey Kisaragi and is winning for a time but is beaten by Honey making armor appear as a decoy and attacking from behind in the nude (since she wasn't in the armor). Honey splits her glass thing and fights Dolmeck but after Dolmeck is stabbed, she reveals herself as Panther Zora. She somehow escapes the Skyship exploding and possesses a villaness of the week for the next/last 4 episodes to give them powers/a weird mutant form. Oh and she is nude often in this series, (like most Go Nagai women).