Goodbye, Kitty!
~ Black Kitty's catchphrase.

Black Kitty is the primary antagonist of the Mondo Media series Goodbye Kitty.

His villainous acts are done mainly because the little girl who owns him has payed much more attention to White Kitty, his nemesis. Time and time again, he attempts to murder White Kitty in a variety of creative ways. These attempts tend to backfire and leave Black Kitty in an unfortunate predicament (usually a gruesome death). Somehow, Black Kitty manages to come back to life. Occasionally these plans would fail due to another character, such as Brown Puppy. In other situations, they would be caused by Black Kitty's carelessness.

In the first season finale, Black Kitty finally succeeds by causing the girl to start neglecting White Kitty in favor of a rabbit, leading White Kitty to kill himself. However, he begins to miss trying to kill White Kitty and brings him back to life due to a "magical tear". The two then proceed to get rid of the girl after realizing that she's the source of both of their problems. Afterwards, they decide to continue their normal routine of hatred.