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We are the Second Coming.
~ Mugal, in response to Akira Ichinose's question asking who he and his men were.

The Black Hole Planet 3 Aliens, oftentimes just called Black Hole Aliens or Simians, are a race of ape-like alien invaders who are major antagonists in the films Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla and Terror of Mechagodzilla.


The Simians hail from the Third Planet of the Black Hole, a planet that as its name suggests is gradually being pulled into a black hole. In order to escape their dying homeworld, the Simians selected Earth as a viable new planet on which to live. The Simians see human beings as inferior lifeforms that produced a primitive and flawed planet that they would soon destroy. The Simians plan to wipe out human civilization and establish a new technological utopian society for their race to live in.

The Simians resemble green-skinned bipedal gorillas, and use human disguises to blend in with Earth society. The Simians are masters of robotics, demonstrated by their "magnificent machine" Mechagodzilla. They are also capable of constructing spaceships that travel from their planet to Earth fairly quickly. Despite their warlike nature, the Simians seem to enjoy smoking cigars and drinking fine wines.

The Simians appear to have had a presence on Earth about a decade before their first invasion attempt, as they converted Dr. Shinzo Mafune's daughter Katsura into a cyborg when she was still a young child after a terrible accident in her father's lab.


Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla

The Simian invasion force, led by Kuronuma, established a base in Okinawa. Kuronuma had their robotic weapon Mechagodzilla disguised as Godzilla and sent it to attack the Japanese mainland. Mechagodzilla defeated Godzilla's close ally Anguirus, and encountered the real Godzilla in Tokyo. Mechagodzilla was damaged in the battle while Godzilla was seemingly killed, and the machine was taken back to the Simians' base in Okinawa. There, Kuronuma discovered that Mechagodzilla's circuits were badly damaged, and none of his men had enough expertise to repair Mechagodzilla quickly enough. The Simians captured Dr. Hideto Miyajima and his daughter Ikuko, and forced him to repair Mechagodzilla in exchange for his daughter's life. After Mechagodzilla was rendered operational once again, Kuronuma had Miyajima thrown into the execution chamber with his daughter and their friend Mashiko Shimizu, but they were rescued by Masahiko's brother Gosuke and INTERPOL agent Nanbara.

The Simians had also deployed an agent named Yanagawa to retrieve a statue of the guardian monster King Caesar, to prevent it from being used to awaken the monster. Yanagawa was killed by Nanbara while trying to steal the statue on a cruise ship from archaeologist Saeko Kaneshiro. The statue was taken to Okinawa and used to awaken King Caesar. The Simians launched Mechagodzilla and sent him to attack Caesar, but Godzilla soon entered the battle as well. While the monsters battled, Gosuke, Nanbara, and Dr. Miyajima went back into the Simians' base to sabotage them. After Mechagodzilla was destroyed, Miyajima used a special pipe he created to sabotage the circuits in the Simians' base, causing the base to begin to self-destruct. A gunfight ensued, in which Kuronuma was shot and killed. The three men then escaped the base just before it completely exploded, ending the Simians' first invasion attempt.

Terror of Mechagodzilla

With the final days of their planet approaching, the Simians sent a new invasion force led by Mugal to Earth. The Simians recovered Mechagodzilla's wreckage and began rebuilding him in secret in an underground base in the Japanese wilderness. Mugal ordered his subordinate Tsuda to recruit the disgruntled scientist Dr. Shinji Mafune to their cause, as years before they had actually saved his daughter's life by cybernetically reviving her. Mafune, enraged at a world that had shunned him because of his experiments on mind-controlling sea life, enthusiastically agreed to help Tsuda's superior establish a new world order. Mafune offered to use the monster Titanosaurus, which he controlled, to help in their conquest.

Mafune was brought to the Simians' lair and was shown the rebuilt Mechagodzilla. Mafune was shocked to learn that the men he had agreed to help were actually the Black Hole Aliens, but nonetheless agreed to assist in their invasion, as Mugal promised Mafune that he and his daughter could live together in peace in their new utopian society. Katsura was distraught that her father was essentially selling out humankind to aliens, and Mafune assured her that he was doing it for her, so that they could finally have revenge on the society that exiled them. To assure Katsura that he was in control, Mafune sent Titanosaurus to attack Japan. Though Tsuda was outraged that Mafune disobeyed them, Mugal said that Godzilla would likely emerge and kill Titanosaurus, and be weakened in the process. That way, Mechagodzilla could easily kill Godzilla, while Titanosaurus could not be around to oppose them in the future. Godzilla did indeed appear to fight Titanosaurus, and caused him to retreat. Katsura was wounded in a gunfight with INTERPOL, and presumed dead.

The Simians recovered Katsura and repaired her, installing the controller for Mechagodzilla inside of her and revealing to Mafune that when the Simians revived his daughter long ago, they had turned her into a cyborg. Mugal confronted Mafune and warned him never to disobey him again. Mafune swore to Mugal that he would obey, as he had saved Katsura's life twice. Mafune, overcome with grief and guilt, begged Katsura's forgiveness for what he had let her become, and what he was about to do. Mugal ordered their base to self-destruct, and relocated their base of operations to Mafune's laboratory in his basement. The Simians then unleashed Mechagodzilla and Titanosaurus in Tokyo, reducing the city to a smoldering wasteland in minutes. Godzilla arrived to fight the monsters, but was no match for their combined might. Mafune's lab was assaulted by INTERPOL, where Tsuda and Dr. Mafune were killed in the subsequent gunfight. The Simian's control over Katsura was severed, and she begged Akira Ichinose, a scientist who was infatuated with her and who had been held prisoner in the lab by Mugal, to kill her so that Mechagodzilla would be rendered inoperable. Ichinose refused, saying he couldn't bring himself to do it, and Katsura then shot herself, shutting down Mechagodzilla. Godzilla jumped on the opportunity and destroyed Mechagodzilla for good, then defeated Titanosaurus.

Mugal escaped to a spaceship, and prepared to retreat along with the remaining members of the invasion force. Godzilla saw the Simians' ships escaping, and destroyed them with his atomic breath.


Godzilla: Legends

The Simians appear in issue #3 of Godzilla: Legends. In this issue, Mugal posed as the headmaster of a school for psychic children who were being trained to control giant monsters telepathically. Mugal manipulated a student named Tristan to summon the monster Titanosaurus, then brought both Tristan and Titanosaurus to the Simians' homeworld. There, the Simians prepared to invade Earth using Titanosaurus and their fleet of Mechagodzillas, as the final days of their homeworld were approaching. In comparison to their film incarnations, the Simeons in Legends are sympathetic despite their plans to conquer Earth.



  • The Simians are most likely a reference to the apes from the Planet of the Apes franchise.
  • The Simians could be considered the Greater Scope Villains for Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla and Terror of Mechagodzilla because they're the ones who created Mechagodzilla in the first place.

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