Black Eyed Children (or "Black Eyed Kids") are a type of humanoid cryptid, urban legend or ghost story that has become very prominent ever since 1998 and the rise of internet culture - though the idea of sinister child-like spectres dates back to prehistory.

Black Eyed Children are said to resemble ghostly children of mid-teens or younger and have unnatural eyes that are pure black - they are regarded as sinister, terrrifying and at times even dangerous by those who encounter them but nowhere is sure what they are.


Some argue Black Eyed Children are ghosts, others claim they are demons or practitioners of evil magic - some UFO lore depict them as human/alien hybrids whilst others believe they are children playing rather cruel pranks on people: many also regard them as little more than myths that have grown popular due to internet forums and sites such as Youtube and photo-manipulation.