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Black Dragonflight are villainous and hostile dragons who get corrupted by influence of the Old God's Under Deathwing's leadership their goal is eradication all mortals from Azeroth.

They first came in Warcraft III Reign of Chaos in Mission when Arthas with help dwarven dragon hunters they kill all and their target Searinox for heart to enchanting weapons

Another time they appered in original World of Warcraft:

- They attacked lands in Dustslallow Marsh territory of Stonemaul Ogres

- Nefarian Deathwing's son and his dragons in Blackrock mountain manipulate Warchief Rand Blackhand and his Dark Horde

- Onyxia as human manipulate Stormwind where Anduin Wrynn was king

In The Burning Crusade they appered in Outland most of this dragon get impaled in spikes in Black Edge Mountain with survivor like Sabellian and his whelps their plan is currently unknown

In Cataclysm they are one of main antagonistic forces where almost all black dragons get annihilated included their leader Deathwing except one uncorrupted of their kind Wrathion

In Mists of Pandaria many from their eggs was later used by Dragonmaw clan under Warlord Zaela to supporting Garrosh's True Horde against Alliance and Darkspear Rebelion

In Warlords of Draenor in Upper Blackrock Spire they attemped recreate new kind of black dragons but was destroyed by heroes of the Alliance and the Horde

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