You dare to pit physical might against the sorceress [sorcerous] power of Black Death?!
~ Black Death's famous quote.

Black Death is a powerful evil sorcerer and a villain in the Archie comics incarnation of the popular Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

Black Death was one of the 2 most dangerous practitioners of the black arts faced by Knuckles during his search for the mystical Sword of Acorns.


The Ancient Walkers described him as "standing alone", meaning that he does not team up with other spellcasters as or more powerful than himself. His only companion is a rather weaker magician known as the Enchantress, a rabbit whom he may or may not be romantically attached to given their alliance.

Formerly a resident of Angel Island's Forbidden Zone which is called the ;Land of the Dark, Black Death attacked Knuckles when the Guardian came looking for him, keeping him off balance with dark magic attacks long enough for the Enchantress to cast a spell to control Knuckles. The two then used Knuckles as their slave for some time, until Sir Connery arrived to capture them as part of his mission from the Ancient Walkers. Knuckles, after having broken free of the spell, faced off with Black Death and managed to trick him with some sleight-of-hand, undoubtedly learned from his mentor Archimedes and knocked him unconscious. Connery then took the defeated sorcerer and the beaten Enchantress away, possibly later slaying them as he did their fellow dark magic wielders Mathias Poe and Damocles the Elder.

Powers and Abilities

Black Death is a powerful sorcerer who can conjure various spells, project energy blasts, and exert mind control upon anyone who crossed his path. He is perhaps more powerful then the Enchantress. He is more then a match for Knuckles the Echidna.


Black Cat is a male Mobian cat with black fur and blue eyes, wearing a brownish-green, long-sleeve, medieval lace-up tunic garment with a black leather belt and a long dark blue cape.


Black Death is a cruel and arrogant sorcerer who, like the Enchantress, desires only power and control.


  • He was named after the Black Death, a disease which was a major pandemic that spread through Europe within the 14th century and killed about one third of the continent's population.
  • When fighting against Knuckles in combat, Black Death said "sorceress power" even though he is actuallly a sorcerer, a male conjuror while his partner, The Enchantress, is actually a sorceress, a female spellcaster.
    • Black Death maybe intentionally meant to say "sorcerous" which means relating to sorcery or simply magical.
    • His quote makes a little reference to the magical energy known as the Sorceress Power from Final Fantasy VIII.
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