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You know what I'm capable of and yet you walk in here, like lambs dressed for the slaughter.
~ Mason taunting Cole Phelps

Garrett Mason (a.k.a. The Black Dahlia Killer) is the primary antagonist of the Homicide Desk in L.A. Noire.


The newspapers will crucify the guy. They won't have time to wonder about our mistakes.
~ Cole Phelps to Rusty Galloway

Mason worked as an agency temporary bartender for various bars throughout Los Angeles. However, his work as a bartender was a cover for his career as the "Werewolf" serial killer, more infamously known as the "Black Dahlia Killer". Mason was the one who killed Elizabeth Short, the infamous and unsolved "Black Dahlia" murder of 1947. Six months later, Mason resumed his grisly string of murders during LAPD Detectives Cole Phelps' and Rusty Galloway's time in the Homicide Department.

Murder Streak

Mason murdered Elizabeth Short to start his horrific murder streak.

He then proceeded his horrific murder streak during Homicide Detectives Cole Phelps and Rusty Galloway's time on homicide.

He brutally murdered five women in total: Celine Henry, Deidre Moller, Antonia Maldonado, Theresa Taraldsen and Evelyn Summers.

Events of L.A. Noire


Nothing hasty, gentlemen. Keep your hands where I can see them or I will be forced to redecorate the stucco with your entrails.
~ Mason taunting Cole Phelps

Mason sent various letters from Prometheus Unbound by Percy B. Shelley to the Homicide Department, each of which deciphered to a specific location and gave them a previous victim's token. Detectives Cole Phelps and Rusty Galloway proceeded to locate them and successfully did so.

Eventually, the final note led the detectives to The Christ Crown of Thorns (Abandoned Church) where they located The Murderer.

The Detectives jumped for cover as The Killer shot a shotgun blast at them, this allowed The Killer to jump into a secret passage.

The Detectives then proceeded into The Church house nearby, they then found the Den of The Murderer, as well as a secret passage into the church's catacombs.


You heard him, Phelps. He's fucking nuts. What're the odds of getting him out of there alive?
~ Rusty Galloway to Cole Phelps

Phelps chased Mason through the tunnels while the murderer taunted Phelps (Asking why he joined The LAPD, seeking the confession as of Personal Redemption). The chase concluded in the church's graveyard, where Phelps and the killer make their stand in a final showdown. The murderer jumped out and fired at random while Phelps popped out and shot two bullets into the murderer's skull, killing him and ending his murdering spree for good.

Homicide Cases closed

Case Conclusion

You got no one. Mason was a ghost.
~ Captain James Donnelly

Phelps then went back to Galloway and Cpt. Donnelly. The captain then revealed that the murderer was the half-brother of a highly-elected politician, revealing that the public could not know about The Killer's identity. The Captain said that he would release all previous suspects silently. Phelps is then promoted to Vice.

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