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Black Cross Colossus & Sentai Villains

The Black Cross Army, also known as the Black Crusaders, are a terrorist organization from the 1975 Super Sentai debut series Himitsu Sentai Goranger. Using its army of human test subjects, who have been unwillingly operated on and brainwashed with cybernetic surgery, the Army plans to dominate the Earth. The Black Crusaders swear absolute loyalty to their leader, so much so that if a Black Crusader even thinks of betrayal, the punishment is death. They have secret bases all over the Earth, but their main base is the Black Cross Castle, in a geostationary orbit above Japan.





Masked Monsters

(listed in no particular order)

The Masked Monsters are the field agents of the Black Cross Army, causing many types of mayhem where-ever they go.

New Members

In 199 Hero Great Battle, the Black Cross Fuhrer comes back to life using the hatred of defeated Super Sentai villains and forms an alliance with the Zangyack Empire in order to have his revenge on all of the Super Sentai and those who support them. He also revives several of the Super Sentai's enemies to battle against the Gokaigers and Goseigers.

Allied Organizations

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