The Black Bishop was a villain from World of Warcraft and one of the evil Twilight Hammers Cultists who infiltrated Stormwind, he managed to smuggle a massive bomb into the city's cathedral and had his cultist minions cause havoc - ultimately he planned on exploding the bomb and killing thousands of innocent civilians in Stormwind as part of his apocalyptic devotion to Deathwing.

However the Black Bishop was stopped before he could achieve this task and despite trying to kill the player-controlled adventurer with his impressive mage abilities he was ultimately slain and the bomb defused before it could kill any of Stormwind's civilian population.

After slaying Black Bishop the adventurer finds notes and papers the cultists had tried to hide, revealing Major Samuelson as a traitor who allowed the cult to enter Stormwind - forcing the adventurer to rush to Stormwind Keep to save the King himself from Samuelson (see Samuelson's article for more details).