The Black Beast is a hostile creature kept to be locked in its cage for ages. It is the secondary antagonist of the episode "Honey Shampoo". It is from the animated series from Imiria Entertainment: "Sandra the Fairytale Detective".


As its name suggests, the beast has black skin. It has red eyes and its appearance is a based on a black dragon without wings. It has two pointy ears.


Honey Shampoo

It is explained that the Black Beast when released from its cage will cause a lot of havoc (explained by one of the Three Bears). Sandra and Fo were trying to teach Goldilocks a lesson after escaping from her mother's house. According to the warning, one must be careful when going into its cage. Goldilocks, however, opened the cage, which released the beast to go on a rampage throughout the village. The angry creature started destroying all the stands in the marketplace. Sandra, with the assistant of Fo along with the police officer (which is a bear) and many villagers, tied up the beast, making it unable to move. The citizens congratulate Sandra for capturing the Black Beast.

The creature's fate is cloudy after being tied up from its release. It is unknown if it will join the villains from Fairy Tales (Evil Queen, Sea Witch, Vulture, etc.).