Black Bart was a ghostly cowboy that tormented the people of Spittoon, Texas.


Black Bart issued for the townspeople to leave by Saturday to return at high noon. The townspeople believed that he wanted their gold mine, but the Ghostbusters learned that he really wanted a spectral energy well that would make him powerful enough to allow him to become a full fledged demon, but would work without the  humans. The mayor issued reward for whoever could defeat Black Bart.Wayne and Wendall,recruited the Ghostbusters after ruining a bust at the airport. Bart was a very tough opponent until the Ghostbusters encouraged the people to stand up for themselves.

Black Bart called reinforcements to tame the emboldened townsfolk. Fortunately, reinforcements also came for the Ghostbusters when a lost group of tourists from Wild West Tours mistook Black Bart's transformation into a demon as a special effects show. Because of this, Black Bart was weakened and he was captured by the Ghostbusters along with his gang.