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The Black Baron is the uncle of Lord Gromgard and (presumably) the first ruler of the minions, which may make him the legendary First Overlord spoken of in legend by the Minions. Gnarl and his minions served him. Although he enslaved the people of Greenwood, they rather liked him because they were troublefree when he was ruling. The Black Baron also made sure that Greenwood was safe from beasts and that people of the town weren't starving. He is presumed dead by the time of Overlord: Dark Legend.


  • Since people liked him for being a great leader, being enslaved was the only thing they disliked about the Black Baron.
  • He is referred to in-game as "the Gromgard family shame"; however, he was much more successful than his brother, the pathetic Duke Gromgard, ever could have been. Technically speaking, the real shame is the Duke, not the Baron.

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