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Black Annis

Black Annis

Black Annis is the name given to a monstrous witch in English folklore that was said to haunt the countryside where she would hunt down her 2 favorite meals, lambs and the flesh of humans (especially children) - she was said to have iron-claws instead of finger nails and would be as bold as to reach into the windows of homes and snatch children away to be devoured.

Black Annis was not a human, as her face was said to be blue in coloration and highly deformed - this coupled with her fondness for human flesh is highly suggestive of her being a hag, a type of spirit that is often confused with a witch but is in reality a type of ancient goddess or demon.

Black Annis was also said to have a horrible habit of flaying her victims, leaving their skins outside her cave to tan - this grisly sight may of served to warn others to stay away from her abode and she was commonly used as a bogeyman to frighten children into good behavior out of fear that should they misbehave they would be spirited away by the old hag and devoured.