Biznella is a villain who appeared in the second half of Gingaman.


In the past, Bizella took advantage of Barban's destruction to make a profit over what they left behind. One such profit were the bodies of the Seijuu that he altered into the Koseijuu cyborgs. Learning that the Barban have been freed in the present, Bizella arrived to Earth to not only sell the Koseijuu but to obtain a power source to activate. Bizella succeeded in activating them and they easily defeated Gingaioh and Bulltaurus as refused to fight their own. However they broke free of his control and joined the Gingamen, Bizella was forced to relinquish both his payment and his ship. Luckily, his old friend Batobas took Biznella in to serve as his right hand man once he begins his attack.

Deviot Transformed

Majin Bizella

Later, Bizella later planned to grow the Earth Beast with Rapid Growth Extract, ony to end up falling into the vat of the extract during a fight with the Gingamen that disfigured him into a monster. Abandoned by Batobas, Biznella is killed off by Gingaioh and the Kouseijuu.