Bitterhorn was a demon from Marvel comics and a minion of Mephisto, an enemy of Beyonder.


Mephisto sent Bitterhorn to recruit members for his Legion Accursed in an attempt on the Beyonder's life. Bitterhorn sought out super-villains in dark alleys such as the Juggernaut, super-villains behind bars such as Electro, super-villains in other dimensions such as Baron Mordo, and super-villains in bars, such as the Absorbing Man and Titania, shaking hands with each of them to seal the bargain. He gathered 99 super-villains in all for his master.

Powers / Abilities

Bitterhorn had the ability to brand anyone he touched with the mystic sign which would enable Mephisto to channel the power of Beyondersbane (a cosmic weapon) at the Beyonder.