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was a high ranking member of the Brotherhood of Makuta. Years later, he was sent to Karda Nui along with five others and they split into two groups. Bitil was part of the second group, which consisted of himself, Krika, and Gorast, who descended into the Swamp of Secrets to search for the mask of life and find the keystones to open the Codrex and awaken Mata Nui for Teridax to succeed in his plan to take over the Universe. However, they were faced with opposition from the Toa Nuva, who also split into two groups. Bitil, Gorast, and Krika fought against the second group of Toa Nuva, consisting of Tahu, Gali, and Onua, who were assigned to search for the keystones to open the Codrex and search for the mask of life.