Biteface is Blade Stabbington's pet rat that he uses when scaring people. He has the ability to light himself on fire and attack people.


Biteface was once a flaming rat of terror that Blade Stabbington used as a weapon to terrorize young children. He was only seen doing this once in a flashback story told by Corey, Kin, and Kon. In this flashback, Blade threw Biteface at some children while they were singing which scared them and left them running and screaming while Biteface chased after them and jumped in to bite one of them in the face. Years later, Blade and Biteface retired because it was getting too hard for them to scare people and Biteface had lost his flame. However, Grojband helped train Blade and Biteface to become scary again. Laney helped Biteface get him flame back. They even used Blade and Biteface to help them win the Scary Song Competition and at the end of their song, Blade threw Biteface at The Newmans, which sent them screaming and running away while Biteface blew up their musical instruments and set the stage in fire.


Biteface is a gray furry rat with orange eyes and sharp fangs. He has a purple nose, a purple tail, and black hands. He is also able to set himself alight, with green flames burning on his back.