Bishop is one of the Checkmate Four and a major villain in Kamen Rider Kiva.


The Bishop is the human form of the Swallowtail Fangire whose task as member of the Checkmate Four is to oversee the progress of all Fangires and their moral conduct, deeming those who are traitors to their absolute laws such as having relations with humans. In 1986, as the previous King's right hand, he oversees Taiga Nobori's development while not leaving Castle Doran to carry out his mission, even reporting to the previous Fangire King of his queen's actions with Otoya Kurenai.

In 2008, Bishop appears before Mio Suzuki to have her embrace her destiny as the new Queen before searching for Taiga to become the new Fangire King and complete the Checkmate Four. But once learning that Kiva is Wataru Kurenai, the son of the previous queen Maya, Bishop feels that the youth would another disruption in the Fangire hierarchy as his father had in the past. When his fears come true when Mio attempted to kill Taiga so Wataru could be the new King, Bishop killed her during the fight between Wataru and Taiga while making it seem that the former is responsible to break his will to fight against them.

However, after proudly admitting the true story behind Mio's death, Bishop finds himself forced to flee when Taiga tried to kill him in a fit of utter rage. Furious about Taiga's attempt ton his life, Bishop deems Taiga unfit to bear the title of King and decides to revive an army of Fangires to gather a massive amount of Life Energy to resurrect the previous King to take Taiga's place. By that time, Bishop obtains an enemy in Kamen Rider Ixa. Eventually, after being fatally wounded by Rising Ixa, Bishop uses his own soul to complete the ritual while becoming one with the revived Fangire King.