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The Bird of Prey

The Bird of Prey

The Bird of Prey is the main antagonist of the short 1936 fleischer cartoon The Little Stranger.


He first appeared in the near end of the short. He was seen flying and drooling over the mother duck, the little baby ducklings, and the little baby bird. He was about to snatch the little baby ducklings with the ducklings' mother and grabs them with his claws, but the baby bird saves the ducklings by pulling off one of his tail feathers, causing him to scream in pain. He then turned around and saw the baby bird and chases the little bird, until he gets stuck into a hole on a tree. Just then, he was then free from the tree and enters an old windmill house, the one that the baby bird just entered, and chases the little bird, until he got hit by a floorboard. He was then getting up and saw the baby bird in an old wheel, but he finally gets stuck in the wheel, until he landed into the river. He was still stuck in the wheel and four frogs appear on the wheel, spinning the wheel. His fate is unknown.

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