I couldn't control my actions, oh but god...I was still aware. Forgive me...
~ After being rescued

The Brainwashed Jill Valentine was an antagonist from Resident Evil 5. She served as Albert Wesker's henchwomen until she was finally rescued by BSAA Agents Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar once the control device was eliminated.


After the Spencer Estate Incident

Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield were sent with the mission of apprehending the President of the Umbrella Corporation , Ozwell E. Spencer. But failed as the two witnessed that Albert Wesker had murdered his former master and creator, the duo then came into battle with Wesker. After failing to defeat Wesker, the traitor to Umbrella managed to get into a position to prepare to kill Chris but Jill rescued her partner and sacrificed herself as she pushed herself and Wesker through the nearby window, presumed to be dead by the BSAA and Chris himself.

Jill survived this and Wesker placed the badly injured Jill in cyrostasis and tended to her wounds. After failing to infect her with Uroboros , Albert put a Control Device on her chest. Although still aware of her actions, Jill was forced to obey Wesker's every order and make herself suffer as revenge against Chris.

Helping Ricardo Irving

Jill was greatly involved with the Kijuju Incident , infecting one of the locals and made him into the Majini Uroboros Test Subject. Ricardo Irving used this test subject to kill his pursuers, BSAA Alpha Team, but the creature was eventually eliminated by Chris and his new partner: Sheva Alomar. Jill then assisted Irving by driving him to a building near Savannha.

Chris and Sheva confronted Irving in the building, but Jill managed to rescue him by throwing a Flash Grenade to blind the two and then help Irving escape. With her help, Irving retreated to the Oil Fields where the BSAA duo also managed to infiltrate in an attempt to capture him from there. 

Jill confronted Irving and forced him to use the Dominant Species Plaga sample when he next encountered Chris and Sheva. Jill then get off Irving's Ship and escaped from the Oil Fields via jet ski to head to Wesker's TRICELL Facility. Chris and Sheva then tried to apprehend Irving but was forced to kill him due to his transformation of the Control Plaga he used.

Fight with Chris and Sheva

As Chris and Sheva confronted Albert Wesker, Jill Valentine and Excella Gionne in the Monarch Room, the two fought Wesker and Jill while Excella escaped. The duo managed to make Wesker retreat and then fought Jill by themselves. After the long fight, Jill was saved as the Control Device was destroyed. She then ordered the duo to follow and stop Wesker from unleashing Uroboros. She then turned back to normal and helped Chris and Sheva later on in escaping and killing Wesker.