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The bird as seen in the video.

The Bird is the main villain in the animated music video "Mr. Sunshine" by Laszlo.

In the video

At first, he is seen as a good, kinhearted little bird, who helps the main protagonist, Mr. Sunshine, as they begin to sing a rhythm together. As they go along, they confront other (depressed) people who are then somehow drawn into the happiness of the man and the bird. A hot air ballon saying WANTED and a picture of the bird is seen in the background floating away before finally disappearing into the distant clouds. At the end, the bird runs the people over with a truck. It is also notable that he has bags under his eyes as the video progresses.


Laszlo - Mr Sunshine - ( Official Animated Music Video ) HD04:17

Laszlo - Mr Sunshine - ( Official Animated Music Video ) HD

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