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Biran: "Biran will tear you asunder!"
Yenke: "Hornless! Hornless!"

Biran and Yenke are two minor antagonists in Final Fantasy X and act as Kimahri's "villain" in their continual bullying of the smaller Ronso, who they think of as weak and shameful to their people.
Bran and Yenke are basically thugs who try their best to intimidate and bad-mouth Kimahri whenever they have the chance but are not against physical violence either.
Eventually after several run-ins with the brutes Kimahri has enough of them and fights them both in single-combat (refuses Tidus' offer of aid due to the fact he needed to face them alone as part of his culture's code of honor).
Despite being outnumbered Kimahri defeats his tormentors and finally gains their respect: showing that although still thugs Biran and Yenke do have some honor, as Biran accepts Kimahri as a true Ronso.

The two then promise to guard the mountain to prevent Yevon's forces from pursuing Yuna and the group as penance for breaking Kimahri's horn when they were young - seeming to geniunely want to redeem themselves after seeing that they were wrong about the "weak" Kimahri.

Near the peak of Mt. Gagazet, Seymour Guado implied that he killed all the Ronso that tried to block his path, including Maester Kelk Ronso and Biran and Yenke.

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