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Full Name
Powers / Skills
Great strength, numerous tentacle-like vines, regeneration
Causing destruction.
Type of Villain
Giant Monster

Biollante is a vicious plant monster created from Godzilla's DNA and the main villainess from the 17th Godzilla movie, Godzilla vs Biollante.



After Godzilla's rampage through Tokyo in The Return of Godzilla, pieces of his skin were found by repair crews. They were transported to a lab in Saradia, where a scientist named Dr. Shiragami hoped to use it to enhance different species of plants to allow crops to grow in the arid area. However many other nations were against this, since Saradia, a rogue state with terrorist ties (seemingly modeled after Iraq)  had relied heavily on foreign exports and eventually an attack was planned by the American firm BioMajor. The lab was bombed, which killed many of the scientists, one of which was Dr. Shiragami's daughter, Erika. Losing her was a heavy blow to the doctor and he spliced some of her DNA with a rose bush, so as to avoid her leaving him completely. Five years later, an earthquake devastated the area where the rose bush was sheltered, destroying much of it. In desperation, Dr. Shiragami spliced one of the roses with Godzilla's DNA, in hopes of keeping it alive and making it invincible. While successful at first, the rose began to mutate and grow, eventually becoming a conscious creature. The newly formed rose monster smashed through the lab and eventually arrived at Lake Ashino where it took root. It was given the name Biollante after a tree in Norse mythology. G-Force psychic operative Miki Saegusa revealed that the plant still contained Erica's spirit.

Battle with Godzilla

Eventually Godzilla sensed Biollante because of their similar genetic structure and was driven to seek out this new creature. They eventually encountered each other and the plant monstress attacked with waves of tangling vines. However Biollante was unable to oppose Godzilla and she was heavily damaged by his atomic fire blast, seemingly burning her to death. But she confronted the King of the Monsters again, only this time she was the one on the offensive and fought more brutally than her opponent. Eventually Godzilla fled as the Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria took effect, which weakened him. However Biollante retreated as well, after one of the King of the Monsters' blast struck her in the throat that fired out of her back. This time she couldn't recover, dissolving into particles and ascending into space.

Possible legacy

It was later speculated that the bits of Godzilla's DNA from Biollante's dispersal eventually made their way into the gravity well of a black hole's event horizon and were met by a force that used the DNA and created the menace of SpaceGodzilla. The only problem with this explanation is that, supposedly, the timeline of Godzilla from 1954-1989 was erased by the events of the 1991 film Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah. It is possible that somehow even the remade history included a version of the Biollante struggle, or that the multiple time incursions in 1991 caused elements of the original history to re-emerge somehow.

Powers and Abilities

In her rose form, Biollante is not much of a fighter and can only attack with her vines. However she became more combat oriented in her second form. In this form, Biollante can fire radioactive, corrosive sap from her mouth, regenerate similarily to Godzilla, and use vines that end in thorn spears. She can also move rather quickly, using the root like appendages below her body.

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