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Bio Terrorists cause Bioterrorism, which is where they intentional release a Virus or other pathogen with malicious intent for it to proliferate, infect and kill any number of people for it's qualities to inspire or provoke fear in a population to exert leverage or to control or create or ideological statement with which to express beliefs and impress them upon others.

List of Bioterror Incident Locations

  • North America-Alaska, West Coast, Harvardville Airport, Canada, Mexico and Tall Oaks
  • South America-Southern Brazil
  • Eurasia-United Kingdom, Norway, Mediterranean, Russia, Terragriga, Middle East, Southern Asia, Eastern Asia, India, China, Japan and Edonian
  • Oceania-Australia and New Zealand
  • Africa-South Africa
  • Unknown Country-Unknown Country which involved Napads

Known Bioterror Agents

Known Bioterrorists

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