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The Bio-Hybrids

The Bio-Hybrids

The Bio-Hybrids are an evil team of human-Digimon hybrids that are minions of Kurata. Their names are Kouki, Ivan, and Nanami.

Like the DATS members, the Bio-Hybrids have the ability to generate DNA Charges and enter them into their personal Digivices, but instead of applying them to a Digimon, they use them on themselves, allowing them to access their Digimon forms. After being defeated by the former DATS members, their Digimon forms were upgraded, allowing them to match their rivals' new Mega-level partners.

The Bio-Hybrids' initial Digimon forms are based on Armor Digimon, but with red colors and a glass cylinder on the back of their head, as well as tubes on the sides of their bodies. Their Mega-level forms are based on existing Mega-level Digimon, but with green heads.

Kouki can Digivolve into BioThunderbirdmon, and BioDarkdramon.

Ivan can Digivolve into BioStegomon, and BioSupinomon.

Nanami can Digivolve into BioQuetzalmon, and BioRotosmon.

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