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Billy Loomer

Billy Loomer as he appears in the show.

Billy Loomer (played by Kyle Swann) is the leader of a trio of bullies at Polk Middle School and the main antagonist of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.

He and his bully friends enjoy picking on kids, especially Ned, Cookie, and Coconut-Head. Loomer mainly bullies other students for ridiculous reasons, including because they have a certain other skill, like singing. He has two friends who aide in bullying, Jerry Crony and Buzz Rodriguez. Billy Loomer has a big crush on Moze and wants to break up with Suzie so he can date Moze. He had a crush on Cookie's alter ego Simone because Simone knows a lot about technology. Loomer was declared the Spirit King during the Spirit Week along with Suzie and ended up dating her. At the end of the series, he changes from a violent bully into a kind, respectable, well-mannered, young man. Loomer dated Suzie Crabgrass. Billy's zodiac sign is an Aries. His name is a parody of Billy Loomis, Sidney Prescott's boyfriend and one of the Ghostface Killers from the horror flick, Scream.