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Billy Jessup

Just because you're a Parrish, doesn't mean you can hang around with my girlfriend. (Alan Parrish: We're just friends.) Not anymore.
~ Billy Jessup as he begins to beat up Alan.

Billy Jessup is an antagonist from Jumanji. He is a bully to Alan Parrish, which leads him to live by his father's words to face his fears.


Billy was hiding behind the statue of Angus Parrish, Alan's ancestor from 1869, the year that 2 boys had dug up and buried the accursed magic boardgame Jumanji. 100 years later, he then chased after Alan to the shoe factory, and watched as he ran inside. He hates Alan because he keeps hanging out with his girlfriend Sarah Whittle. He and his gang later took Alan's bike when he got out. Then he punched Alan in the lip causing it to bleed. Then in the right eye, thus giving him a black eye.

He was never seen during the rest of the film, although his name was mentioned a lot.


  • He was portrayed by Gary Joseph Thorup.

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