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Billy Chambers

Billy Chambers was the Cheif of Staff to Vice President Sally Langston and the main antagonist of the first season and main antagonist of the second half of the Second season of the hit television series Scandal.


Billy Chambers during his time in the series caused a Major stir in the white house impregnating a young woman named Amanda Tanner, in which he had her claim that the president was reasponsible for her pregnancy, so that his Boss the Vice President Sally Langston could take the oval office, while the current president Fitz Grant III would get impeached forcing him to resign, a young reporter named Gideon Wallace called him in for an interview explaining he figured out what he did as a result, Billy Chambers grabbed a pair of Sissors stabbing him in the neck leaving him bleeding to death on the floor, however when wind of this gets to the President, he discusses this with the Vice President who is highly reluctent to believe him even when he reveals the information to her so the president makes the vice president an offer she can not refuse, as a result she throws Billy Chambers under the bus during a live press conference, which Billy wittnesses and is absolutely distrurbed by, though his troubles didn't exactly end there he winds up unknowingly entering an Elevator with a the Man who killed Amanda Tanner, who was sent to kill Billy as a favor to an old friend of his, Billy hasn't been seen after the first season, he reappers towards the end of in the second season revealing himself to be the individual behind a series of events that went on through out season 2 of scandal as a mole under the codename of Albatross.

Evil Deeds

Impregnated a young woman causing a scandal to get the current President Impeached.

Stabbed a reporter who figured him out in the neck with a pair of Sissors.

He was the mole behind a series of events that lead to the deaths of many soliders in season 2.

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